The Days of Restoration: An Commentary on the Book of Revelation

The Bible is one book, one plan, and one message of restoration. The book of Revelation draws the final conclusions of the whole message of God’s word. The book reveals the loyalty of God to his ancient words of the old testament and the fulfillment of a restored union between God and men made possible by the resurrection of Christ. While we will see themes of desolation and judgment in the book, this is all necessary for Christ to fulfill all that was spoken by the prophets, to avenge the holiness of God from the perversion of the physical temple and restore the claim of righteousness to a worthy people.

About this Book

This is a plain-language commentary for all who desire a study aid on the book of Revelation. Conversational in tone, this book is suited to help anyone reach an insightful understanding of the book of Revelation that stimulates rock-solid faith in Jesus Christ. This commentary ties together the whole Bible, connecting the old testament to the new, making sense of everything together, and bringing to life the message of God.
422 Pages. The Days of Restoration is a full verse-by-verse commentary on the entire book of Revelation.

Supplement materials included in this book:

  • A Parallel Commentary on the Olivet Discourse (A full verse-by-verse commentary on Matthew 24-25, Mark 13, and Luke 21, with considerations in Luke 17).
  • Finding Fault with the Domitian Persecution.
  • Indictment Against the A.D. 70 Doctrine.
  • Daniel's Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks.

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Love and Wisdom: A Commentary on the Song of Solomon

When it comes to using wisdom in matters of love and marriage, not a lot has changed since Solomon's day, and his wisdom, inspired by God, has stood the test of time. This concise, easy-to-read and understand book is your aid into the mind and visions of Solomon in his great love song. This commentary explains the storyline of the song while pointing out all of the godly wisdom that Solomon left throughout. If you are dating, or have a child/grandchild at that age, this book, if applied, can help one be successful in their relationships and choose a spouse wisely.

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