Welcome to McArthur Drive!

We are a group of Christians who assemble every week in Jacksonville, Arkansas, just seconds from the Little Rock Air Force Base. We strive to follow the pattern of the church in the New Testament scriptures. In today’s world, it is difficult to determine what a particular church actually is, but we are simply Christians; nothing more, and nothing less, and we’re helping each other get to heaven the only way we know how, through obedience to the Law of Christ by the grace shown to us on the cross of Christ’s sacrifice.

If you are new to the idea of going to church, don’t fear because all of us have been there before. To help you out, we hope you will consider the options on our “FOR A BETTER UNDERSTANDING” page.


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Help! I want to Understand!

Are you looking for a better understanding of God's will but don't know how, or where to even begin? We know what that is like, and we can help you through it.

Answers to Tough Questions

Have questions? We may already have the answer right here! But if we don't, here is also your opportunity to send us your questions for us to answer and add to our growing list.

Why so Many Churches?

Today, in every area there is a clear display of division among churches. Why are there so many church buildings? And why do they all have different titles? Just find me the church in the Bible!

The Next Step...

Eternal Salvation. Are you ready to come in humble obedience to the gospel of Jesus Christ?