What does the bible say about the possibility of being born a homosexual?

The bible teaches that it is not possible for one to be born a homosexual, in that homosexuality is called unnatural (i.e. something one is not born with). Romans 1:26-27 speaks of this specifically, when it says of women: “women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature.” And of men, it says: “the men, leaving the natural use of the woman.” It is therefore made clear that in order to practice homosexuality, one must leave the natural desires for the opposite sex. One can’t leave somewhere that they’ve never been before. It may be too early in their life to properly remember, but the bible assures us that homosexuality is not a natural inclination that one is born with. The text of Romans 1:26 also states that homosexuality is considered a “vile passion” to God. Vile means evil, sinful. God does not create man with evil passion, this comes later with the help of Satan. “Truly, this only I have found: That God made man upright, But they have sought out many schemes” (Ecclesiastes 7:29). A good proof today that demonstrates homosexuals are not born that way is the many who have been able to uproot their unnatural desires for their own gender and obtain a natural desire for the opposite sex. There are specially trained psychologists today that have helped many men and women out of these unnatural desires. According to these types of doctors, there is always a common underlying reason by which men and women obtain sexual desires toward their own gender, and that is a troubled upbringing, which consists of (but not limited to) a broken home, abusive parent(s), or trouble with siblings and/or peers. The point is, the problem is fixable with the right help, and that is very encouraging.