You Encourage Me (Russ Bowman)

I am thinking this morning of all those who go unnoticed in their faithful service to God — at least unnoticed by other people. So, here’s a nod of appreciation…

…to all of the husbands and wives who work hard at their marriage and honor their vows, even when it’s difficult.
…to all of the parents who sacrifice their time, energy, and sanity to not merely feed, clothe, and house their kids, but who are teaching them to love and serve the Lord.

…to those same parents who make hard decisions regarding priorities, standards, and morals in spite of the conflict that occasionally results (especially with pre-teens and teens).
…to the young people who are being faithful to the Lord, though in the minority and often ridiculed for such.

…to the single folks who persist in faith even though lonely and frustrated, who would love nothing more than to make a life with a godly spouse.
…to the men and women who maintain honesty, integrity, loyalty, kindness, service, and dedication in a work environment that encourages/promotes dishonesty, selfishness, and greed.

…to those who grieve the loss of someone yet don’t lose their trust in a good and loving God.
…to the folks who send cards, who take food, who find encouraging words to say, who serve silently and behind the scenes.

…to the folks who never miss services.
…to the preachers whose names are not known outside of their local work.

…to the elders who stay up late praying and are constantly working to help the folks they are leading.
…to the moms (and dads) who wrestle with toddlers throughout worship or bible class, but keep on going.

…to everyone who prays fervently and reads their Bibles diligently.
…to everyone who gets up every day and follows the Lord, no matter the circumstance or consequence.

Hebrews 11:35ff notes “others” who served faithfully in great difficulty, yet whose names are unknown to us. But God knew them. And God knows you.

You encourage me. Thanks. Keep it up.